Magufuli's one year in office

10items The business community has praised President John Magufuli’s industrialisation drive, saying it has further brightened the country’s economic prospects.

Fri Nov 04 18:27:42 EAT 2016

JPM vs JK: Stark differences in style

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Did women get enough space in JPM’s cabinet?

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An unmatched determination to deliver on promises

Fri Nov 04 18:38:38 EAT 2016

President set the right tone but more still to be done

Fri Nov 04 18:23:03 EAT 2016

First Lady still living in the shadow of JPM

Fri Nov 04 12:45:12 EAT 2016

Tanzania on a good path, says Industry minister

Fri Nov 04 13:59:57 EAT 2016

The weighty, tricky matter of fulfilling campaign pledges

Fri Nov 04 15:23:47 EAT 2016

A shift from 'what would Magufuli do?' to 'what does Magufuli want'

Fri Nov 04 12:15:34 EAT 2016

The trials and tribulations of Magufuli’s first year in office

Fri Nov 04 15:35:23 EAT 2016

Has JPM succeeded in taming crime