Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The House forgives Freeman Mbowe and DC Mnyeti unconditionally but Halima Mdee is conditionally forgiven. Bulaya to be written a warning letter


The Parliament has pardoned five individuals who were accused of contempt of parliamentary powers, privileges and immunities.

Those who have been pardoned are three opposition MPs, including the Leader of the Opposition Camp in Parliament Freeman Mbowe (Hai-Chadema), Ms Halima Mdee (Kawe-Chadema) and Ms Esther Bulaya (Bunda-Chadema). The other two are Arumeru District Commissioner Mr Alexander Mnyeti and Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner.

Initially, the five individuals were all found guilty by the Parliamentary Committee on Parliamentary Powers, Privileges and Immunities after conceding all charges which were presented in the committee against them.

According to Deputy Committee Chairperson Mr Almasi Maige (Tabora North-CCM) who tabled the committee report, while Mr Mbowe and Mnyeti were unconditionally pardoned, since they were first time offenders, Ms Bulaya is to receive a written warning from Speaker Job Ndugai.

The committee had earlier resolved to punish Ms Mdee to be barred from parliament for the reminder of the ongoing Budget session, since it was a second time for her to be convicted of the same offence. However the Parliament resolved to pardon her on condition that she would not be pardoned next time, and because she had apologized before the House last week.

Mr Mbowe and Ms Mdee were accused were accused of uttering abusive and inflammatory words targeting among others, Speaker Ndugai. The two are said to have done that on April 4, following the EALA elections drama.

Ms Bulaya was found guilty of scattering books and throwing them away in anger when the opposition camp walked out of parliament last May.

Mr Mnyeti was found guilty of posting words full of contempt against MPs on his Facebook page on February 3, this year.