Monday, June 19, 2017

‘Complete writing of new constitution to make President Magufuli moves work’

By Janeth Mesomapya @jmesomapya

Dar es Salaam. Improving gender equality in the mining sector will subsequently improve decision making in the sector which will, in turn, increase efficiency and reduce red tape, according to Tanzania Gender Network Program (TGNP).

TGNP made this observation in its statement to commend President John Magufuli’s recent move towards mining sector that discovered the loss of between Sh68.6 trillion and Sh108.5 trillion in revenue from mineral concentrates exported between 1998 and March 2017.

The loss was unveiled by committees formed by President Magufuli who banned copper concentrate exports for processing overseas.

But the measures taken by President Magufuli will not help much is the government continued to drag its feet in writing new constitution, TGNP said noting that it was the major law which will put in place proper system to govern the national resources for the benefits of the people.

“Among others, the government should amend the Mining Policy of 2010, the subsequent Mining Act of 2010 and the Tanzania Extractive Industries (Transparency and Accountability) Act, 2015 which have highly facilitated the currently outcry in the sector,” the statement said.