Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ardhi varsity constructs tide gauge data collection centre

By Burhani Yakub @TheCitizenTZ

Tanga. The Ardhi University has constructed a centre for gathering tide gauge data in the Indian Ocean in Tanga Region. It will also be used to monitor temperature trend in the sea.

The centre, which has costed Sh160million, is expected provide crucial help during the construction of the a fuel pipeline and to other users.

The head of the unit for the environment and climate change at the Ardhi University, Prof Robert Kiunsi, made the statement yesterday when reading a report to the Representative of the Norwegian Embassy in the country,Ms Mari Johnsrud Hauge, who paid a visit to the centre.

Prof Kiunsi added that the main goal of the centre, constructed under the funding of the government of Norway, is meant to help gather data about climate change in the Indian Ocean in order to enable stakeholders to use the ocean efficiently.

“It is clear that despite helping the other stakeholders like Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA), Tanzania Meteorology Agency (TMA), fishermen and those with cargo and passenger vessels on the sea, the centre will also be of a great help for the envisaged massive investment in Tanga region—the fuel pipeline project,”said Prof Kiunsi.

Ms Mari, who doubles as a trainer at the Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania,expressed her satisfaction about how the project had been constructed, calling on the users to utilize it beneficially.

“Due to the climate change and ever increasing water levels in the Indian Ocean, the centre will be of great importance and we are happy that it has been constructed as requested. So, it is our expectations that this zone will benefit from it,”said Ms Mari.

A deep sea fisherman in the region, Mr Faki Salim Haji, called upon all bodies involved in data dissemination about weather conditions to announce them on time to avoid accidents that might occur.


However, the Tanga Region’s Sumatra manager, Dr Walukani Luhamba, explained that there was a problem in receiving information by users of the Indian Ocean, whereby, he said, some of them including owners of passenger vessels and fishermen ignored precautionary information and finally finding themselves drowning.