Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kili firm makes lucrative business in Europe


By Bahati Chume TheCitizenTz

 Siha. Africado Company Ltd of Sanya Juu, Siha District, in Kilimanjaro, started well in industrial investment in fruit processing as it makes lucrative business after selling over 2,580 tonnes of avocados per year to European countries.

The firm’s Executive Director, Mr Jemes Parson, said this during a visit by the Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner Anna Mghwira, visit to the company.

''We sell avocados in abundance to the markets of France, Denmark, Holland and Sainsburys Waitros of the UK as the crop is wildly grown in Siha District.”

''In fact, we are thankful that currently we do not conduct our packaging in Kenya, because we have already constructed a house-pack of our own here in Siha District,” said Mr Parson.

He explained that in the market the avocados produced in the Tanzanian region closely follows the one produced in Israel.

Earlier, the firm’s Administrative Manager, Paschal Shayo, told members of the RCs’ delegation that, Africado had invested in the production of the crop by cultivating 135 hectors, equivalent to 300 acres of avocados and 75 hectares of coffee.

The firm’s record of avocado sales in European countries in 2015 were 2,580 tonnes, in 2014(1,385); in 2013 (831); 2012 (488); 2011(86 ) and 2010( 5).

According to him, the company has employed 147 workers as most of them are women arranging avocados in grades.

However, the RC said one of her current priorities is to ensure the process of reviving defunct industries in the region.