Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tanga youth assured of reliable bricks market

By Burhani Yakub @TheCitizen

Tanga. The youth in Tanga must be smiling broadly after being guaranteed to be provided with brick making machines, special areas to conduct their activities and reliable market for their products.

The promise was made on Thursday, February 8, by the Tanga municipal acting director, Mr Daudi Mayeji during the closing of entrepreneurship skills training for the youth in the district, which was organised by the regional commissioner’s office.

Mr Mayeji was responding to a speech by a youth representative, Mr Samwel Mngazija, who pleaded with the government to assist them in the provision of brick making machines, equipment for chicken farming, reliable market and allocate areas for the youth to carry out their economic activities.

 “For those engaging in brick making, I assure you that after registering your groups, the municipality will provide you with quality equipment. The bricks will be purchased by the municipal council for use in projects it is implementing,” said Mr Mayeji.

He disclosed that the municipal council has set aside an area for small industries and entrepreneurial activities to be undertaken by women and youth whose groups have been legally registered in the district.

Mr Amir Mkapanda, who organised the training said about 500 young people in all four districts of the region, will receive capacity building training.

Closing the training, The Tanga District Commissioner (DC), Mr Thobias Mwilapwa asked the 33 training participants to apply skills and knowledge in improving their incomes.