Monday, July 10, 2017

Chadema declares special operation to remove traitors


By Cledo Michael TheCitizenTz

Dar es Salaam. The Opposition Chadema has announced intention to conduct a special operation known as ‘Ondoa Msaliti Buguruni’ (OMB) literally meaning ‘remove the traitor from Buguruni.’

According to Chadema, the aim of the operation is to help solve a dispute facing the Civil United Front party (CUF).

The democratic operation was officially launched today, whereby opposition parties forming People’s Constitution Union (UKAWA) are aiming to support the CUF Secretary General, Maalim Seif. 

Announcing the operation today, Chadema’s Coast Zone Deputy Chairman, Saed Kubenea, said the dispute had major effects on opposition parties hence deciding to join forces to strengthen the opposition Ukawa.

Kubenea, who also doubles as the Ubungo MP, has explained that after sitting down with CUF leaders to know the root cause of the dispute. They have learned that there is no dispute within the party, but a planted one fueled by CCM, which is using Prof Lipumba, whom they have branded a traitor.

"As Chadema, we have decided to support leaders and members of CUF to flush Lipumba the traitor out of Buguruni and throw away his clothes so that legitimate leaders should return to Buguruni," said Kubenea.

Among other things, he said the party had resolved that all the mayors of the municipalities of the City of Dar es Salaam should not cooperate with leaders working with Prof Lipumba.