Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Chadema women wing decries govt’s clampdown on opposition

By Godfrey Kahango @TheCitizienTz

Mbeya. Chadema’s women wing (Bawacha) has decried the ongoing clampdown on members of the opposition parties in the country saying that the situation was undermining democracy.

The Bawacha chairperson in Mbeya town, Ms Elizabeth Mwakipesile, told journalists during a press conference on Wednesday that reports of opposition leaders being denied chances to hold rallies and being dragged to court on the orders of government leaders was a clear sign that democracy is being undermined in the country.

Ms Mwakipesile was speaking at Chadema offices in Makunguru in Mbeya town. She noted that the women’s wing was dismayed at the cases where top Chadema leaders were arrested—even on minor offenses--and put in police custody for several days.

She said that by doing this, the opposition leaders were being denied a chance to serve the electorate and the communities at large.

“We abhor this harassment by government leaders. Leaders of the opposition are being arrested for offenses that are not clear,’’ she noted adding:

“Why are we not seeing the members of the ruling party, CCM, being treated like this? We are aware of CCM Members of Parliament who have insulted other people in public. Why are they not being arrested too?’’

Bawacha’s Secretary, Ms Magereth Mwangomole said that the women’s wing was not satisfied with the way the government was handling the opposition. 

“We want President John Magufuli to ensure that all political parties are being treated equally,’’ she suggested.