Friday, July 24, 2015

Chinese government hopes for peaceful elections in Tanzania

Director of the African Department in China’s

Director of the African Department in China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Sun Wei, 

By Veneranda Sumila The Citizen Reporter

Beijing. China has said it expects Tanzania’s forthcoming General Election to be peaceful.

Speaking in Beijing in an exclusive interview with The Citizen, the director of the African Department in China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Sun Wei, said he hoped the elections would have the effect of promoting peace and security and enable the country to attract more investment.

“Our hope is that peace and unity will be maintained after the elections. We are confident that this will be the case, and we are looking forward to strengthening co-operation and relations between the two countries after the October elections,” he said. He added that peace and stability were key to a country’s ability to attract foreign investment.

Mr Sun said Tanzania should continue to improve its appeal in order to keep investment flowing into the country.

“We have confidence in Tanzania’s investment climate and this is reflected by the rate at which Chinese firms are investing in Tanzania. The Tanzanian government should strive further to make itself more attractive for foreign companies,” he said.

China exported to Tanzania goods worth $4.3 billion in 2014, while Tanzania’s exports to China were worth $436 million.

Mr Sun said more than 500 Chinese companies were operating in Tanzania, adding that the firms had created over 150,000 jobs in the country.

More than 23 million Tanzanians are expected to cast their votes in the October 25 General Election, which will usher in a new era with the impending retirement of President Jakaya Kikwete after ten years at the helm.