Monday, November 20, 2017

Control your desires, Nkasi girls advised

By Mussa Mwangoka

Sumbawanga. Female students in Nkasi District, Rukwa Region have been advised to control their temptation if they are to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Desire to own expensive items including smartphones has left hundreds of girls dropping out of school and others becoming mothers at young age.

A coordinator of a project on the prevention of teenage pregnancy in Nkasi District, Mr Nestory Frank made the remark when speaking to Mtenga Secondary School students as part of the implementation of the project, which is under the supervision of the Plan International organisation and financial backing of NORAD.

He said a lot of girl students have been victims because of their desire to own things like mobile phones, expensive clothes and bad advice from peers.

He said since the region had a big number of young girls who dropped out of school after being impregnated, in 2016 the Plan International organisation decided to launch a special project on the provision of education to the girls, the project which will run through 2019.

The project will be implemented at Mkwamba, Mtenga and Nkandasi wards with hopes of curbing the problem.

For his part, the Nkasi District Commissioner, Mr Said Mtanda warned men against having affair with children, stressing that they were ruining the future of the young girls.