Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dr Mwakyembe ready to resign if…

The Minister for Arts, Culture and Sports Dr

The Minister for Arts, Culture and Sports Dr Harrison Mwakyembe 

By Athuman Mtulya @mtulya

Dodoma. The Minister for Arts, Culture and Sports Dr Harrison Mwakyembe on Thursday said he will resign from his position if the Opposition Camp will manage to bring back Richmond Scandal for debate in Parliament.

Mr Mwakyembe said this as he was making his contribution on the proposed budget for the President's Office. 

The Richmond Scandal resurfaced in Parliament on Wednesday evening when Arumeru East MP Joshua Nassari (Chadema) asked why Dr Mwakyembe he rejected a committee report on the  invasion of Clouds Studios because one side was not reached while he did not call on former Premier Edward Lowassa for interrogation when leading Richmond Committee.

"If the opposition will be able to table this matter here, I will ask the President to relieve me of my current duties so that I can finish this case once and for all," said Dr Mwakyembe.

According to him, due to the nature of the evidence that the committee found, they decided to let the Parliament probe Lowassa.

"But that couldn't happen since he resigned after the report was tabled in here... the evidence is there and those of us who collected it are still here, so I say bring it. I really pray for the Opposition to initiate the matter once again," said Dr Mwakyembe

The statement prompted Ubungo MP saed Kubenea (Chadema) to stand and tell the house that in a way Dr Mwakyembe had somehow cleared Lowassa in the House who said he decided to take the bullet for his subordinates.

Closing the matter, National Assembly Chairperson, Mr Andrew Chenge, ruled that if there's any MP who wants to open the Richmond saga then House regulations were clear and they should he followed.