Monday, May 29, 2017

Femina wants girls to talk about menstruation

By Hellen Nachilongo @TheCitizenTz

Dar es Salaam. Femina Hip has launched Fema Girl Power Team (FGP) and Femina Red (FRA) Agenda that focus to address menstrual challenges facing girls and to join hands together in order to seek solutions

The just launched FGPT and FRA is a team of five peer educators who will be representing the voices of Tanzanian girls, to advocate on social, economic and political issues of girls across the country.

Team leader Lydia Charles has said on Monday that they have started with health related issues because menstrual affect girls.

“We are starting with ten schools in Temeke. However, soon after we are done with Temeke we will go to other regions of the city,” she said.

According to her, there are many girls who are embarrassed of their menstrual flow and they find it difficult to talk about.

“Most of the time girls tend to stay home from school as their menstrual hygiene needs are ignored therefore joint effort to advocacy of safe menstrual is important,” she said.

According to her, most schools often lack water for washing, toilets, privacy place for changing and sanitary pads.

“Femina Hip together with the team will work together to open up and discuss periods, basic hygiene, parents and even boys to ensure safe menstrual achieved,” she said.