Monday, July 21, 2014

Govt silence on Gaza questioned

By Bernard Lugongo, The Citizen

Dar es Salaam. The Opposition CUF is asking the government to publicly condemn Israel attack against Palestine.

National chairman of the CUF, Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, also said at a press conference yesterday in Dar es Salaam that Israel should respect UN resolutions on human rights and the right of a free Palestine nation.

Prof Lipumba also used the same platform to call upon the international community to condemn and take measures to stop attacks by Israel that have resulted in the killing of innocent Palestinian civilians.

“By midnight today (yesterday), Israel had so far killed 296 Palestinians, many of them civilians including children and women as well as injured many others since the attacks started,” he said.

He said his party was saddened by the silence from the international community and apparent inaction to stop the attacks.  

“The conflict would not end if the international community doesn’t take concrete measures that would result in introduction of an independent Palestine,” he said.

Recently, Palestinian Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Nasri Abu Jaish, also appealed to the international community to intervene in the conflict to protect human rights.

He commended Tanzania for its support in the struggle for liberation of Palestine through various forums.

Meanwhile, CUF also condemned Thursday’s downing of Malaysian flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine which resulted in the deaths of all 298 people onboard.   

Prof Lipumba termed the act a ‘terrorist’ attack, saying his party supports global calls for an independent probe.