Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lowassa vows to clean up Tanesco, lazy staff warned

Chadema presidential candidate Edward Lowassa

Chadema presidential candidate Edward Lowassa addressing a campaign rally 

By Florence Mugarula

Same. Chadema presidential candidate Edward Lowassa yesterday said he will clear the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) of irresponsible officials who contribute to power woes if elected the next president.

He said the ongoing power cuts were unbearable and that if elected in October 25, his government would not hesitate to take serious measures against Tanesco officials who fail to fulfil their duties and affect government operations negatively.

“It is obvious that we are experiencing power cuts in this country. It is surprising that both Tanesco and the government are silent, no one is giving clear elaboration on the situation. If elected president this month, my government will not tolerate this craziness,” he warned.

He said Tanesco’s explanation was outdated and that if elected, his government would not leave any stone unturned to rid the organisation of ineffiency.

“I am warning Tanesco officials to get ready for drastic changes. I will deal with each and everybody that’s not fulfilling their duties. We cannot continue putting up with this blah blah everyday,” he said.

According to Mr Lowassa, the current government has failed to take action that could help wananchi to get reliable electricity and other social services.

“Tanesco is failing wananchi by not supplying electricity as required. This is a big problem and a setback for the country’s economic development. Where is the government, where are leaders? Tanzanians need change that would improve their lives,” he said.

Moreover, Mr Lowassa asked the National Electoral Commission to set a good environment to allow all students to vote in their respective voting stations.

“I am aware that there is a controversy on how students are going to vote. I would like to ask NEC to set up good environment that will allow them to participate in the elections,” he said.

Earlier, NCCR-Mageuzi national chairman James Mbatia claimed the government was silently selling its shares in various big companies. He said so far shares worth Sh176 billion have been sold by the government.

He accused the government of selling shares so that it could get cash to support CCM campaigns.

“We are aware of what is going far the government has sold its shares in one of biggest and most profitable companies in the country. We are also aware that it is planning to sell other shares it owns in other two financial institutions,” he said.

Mr Mbatia, also the candidate for Vunjo constituency, attacked CCM Presidential candidate John Magufuli for causing Sh1.4 trillion loss to the ministry of Works.