Monday, August 18, 2014

Man dies in defence of wife

A villager Mwashigina of Isaka Ward in Kahama

A villager Mwashigina of Isaka Ward in Kahama District, Shinyanga Region, cast her secret ballot yesterday during an exercise aimed at exposing names of people involved in the killings of the elderly and albinos on the basis of witchcraft beliefs. Isagenhe ward executive officer Kadigi Reuben handled the activity. PHOTO|STELLA IBENGWE 

By Robert Kakwesi, The citizen correspondent

 Tabora. A resident of Buhekela Village in Igunga District, Mapambo Mashiri, 53, was killed on Saturday night in a valiant fight with armed intruders who were after his wife who lives with albinism.

 Mashiri lost his life as he fought off the thugs who managed to  chop off his wife’s arm and escaped. He died on the spot from stab wounds. The couple was attacked at their home.  According to the police, who confirmed the incident, the attackers first overpowered the deceased before severing his wife’s arm and leaving both the victims bleeding profusely.

Said Tabora Regional Police Commander Suzan Kaganda: “Mapambo who was resting with his family was attacked by unknown people who attempted to drag his wife Mungu Masaga, 35 out of the house. The invasion forced Mapambo to confront the invaders.” It was during the confrontation that he was injured by a sharp object in the head and in the chest. The police boss said after overpowering Mashiri, the thugs went on sever his wife’s left hand and disappeared with it into the night.  As Mapambo battled the invaders, said the RPV, his two children Mahona, 12, and Masaka, 8, ran to their neighbour to seek help.

The first man to arrive at the scene was his brother-in-law who panicked upon seeing the ongoing fight, and ran away to save his own life. The inl-law is also an albino. The two children reportedly sustained minor injuries trying to help their father fight the invaders.

Tabora RC Fatma Mwassa condemned the incident, which  she attributed to witchcraft beliefs. She noted with sadnes that some locals still believed body parts of an albino would make them rich.