Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Maternity centre in Musoma on the horizon

By Beldina Nyakeke @bnyakeke

Musoma. Musoma municipal council plans to spend some Sh36.7 million to complete a maternity building at Bweri Health Centre, a move that would help improve maternal and newborn services in the municipality.

The Musoma District Commissioner Dr Vicent Naano told The Citizen here yesterday that upon its completion, over 4,500 women would manage to access delivery services from the centre.

According to him, the construction of the building started in 2013 and that they expect it to be completed before the end of the year, adding that fund for construction were from the Local Government Capital Development Grant (LGDG).

Dr Naano explained that the building will have a delivery, postnatal and midwives wards plus offices, stressing that it would help significantly in improving maternal health in the region.

“The building will help in minimising the challenges that women face in this municipality. We have a facility, but it cannot accommodate a big number of the people needing services, it is our hope that upon completion of this building, residents will have a relief,” he explained.

He went on by saying that apart from delivering service to women and residents of Bweri ward and Musoma municipality the centre also will expand its services to women from Rorya and Butiama districts.

Speaking on the project some residents of Musoma commended the decision made by the government to construct the maternity building at the centre, saying the women will no longer travel long distances for maternal services. Mr Pili Majinge said that delivery was among the sensitive issues, lauding the decision to build the facility at the hospital.