Friday, July 21, 2017

School reopens as number of teachers increases

Dodoma. Finally, Mbalawala Primary School in Dodoma Municipality has reopened after 10 teachers were assigned to teach at the school.

The school was closed at the beginning of this year by parents, who left with their children, due to an acute shortage of teaching staff.

Enraged parents said then there was no point of sending their children to school where they only play before returning home.

However, after the matter was reported by the media, the Minister of State in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Mr George Simbachawene, visited the school and striped the Dodoma Municipal Education Officer, Schola Kapinga, of her position for failing to find a solution to the matter.

Speaking during a meeting with parents, the new Education Officer for Dodoma Municipality, Mwisungi Kigosi, said the new teachers would help address the challenge facing the school.

Mr Kigosi said his office has taken deliberate efforts, in cooperation with ward education coordinators, to obtain the teachers, who are now ready to work at the school.

“I would like you, parents, to cooperate with these teachers so as to motivate them to continue teaching in this school for a long time,” Mr Kigosi said.

The education officer also called upon the parents to ensure their children go to school. Truancy was common at the school in the past as pupils used shortage of teachers as an excuse to skip schooling.

The head teacher, Mr Moses Risasi, said the presence of the teachers would help increase their efficiency, which was previously affected by a big number of pupils.

“For instance, my Standard two teacher was forced to teach 236 pupils. So, you can see how difficult it was for him to do his work… correcting pupils’ exercise books took even a month,” said Mr Risasi.

According to the school head, the school had seven teachers, who were teaching 922 pupils.