Sunday, August 13, 2017

Boko B. Veterans offer Yanga, Simba a lesson

Boko Beach Veterans players and their children

Boko Beach Veterans players and their children in group photo. PHOTO | IMANI MAKONGORO 

By Majuto Omary @majutoy2k

Dar es Salaam. Boko Beach Veterans (BBV) have continued to offer lessons to giant clubs in the country, particularly Young Africans and Simba Sports Club, after they installed modern floodlights in their football pitch.

It is not a secret that Young Africans and Simba SC are yet to own modern training ground despite the fact that the team have thousands of members and fans. Unlike the two giants, BBV only has 60 highly active members supporting its development.

Analysts have expressed dismay at seeing that the two clubs, that are over eight decades old, with immense financial sources at their disposal have failed to own modern football pitches.

BBV, established in 2008, are now the icon for all clubs in the country for having modern play grounds with the standard changing rooms.

The club’s primary aim was just to acquire a training ground for the aged players purposely for keeping healthy physically. However, the members saw themselves go beyond their targets after they managed to improve the playing pitch and building changing rooms for Sh70 million and now have installed floodlight. The project was inspired by club member Juma “Chief” Ndambile.

BBV secretary general James Palapala said that they spent more than Sh34 million to install floodlight and now these allow them to train and play their friendly matches after night fall.

Palapala said the club also has also installed water taps for watering the grass in the pitch.

“Good cooperation among members is the secret for club’s success; members have been inspired by transparent and see the development of the ground, currently, it is easy for them contribute as they know their money would be used properly.

“After securing land, we put targets to develop the land into a playing ground. Firstly, there were no grasses, we staged special football bonanza for our project launch. We invited many veteran teams including Tanzania Sports Writers Association (Taswa FC) and got a mileage,” said Palapala.

He said it was not an easy job to attain the current development as it required high level of tolerance.

“We passed ups and downs, this is because the investment required a lot of money and our main source of income is member contribution. We struggled but now as you can see all is going on well,” he said.

Apart from Palapala other team leaders include chairman Daniel Ole Sumayan, Richard Mwanda (treasurer), Advocate Deo Ringia (member in the ground committee), Athuman Tippo (member of competition committee), Emmanuel Kanagisa, Frank Kilimba and Juma Zanzibar.

Currently, the club has many famous players among the veterans teams like Godfrey Malekano (Messi), Rodrick Mwambene (Diego Maradona), Lazaro Ngimba, Godfrey Ngonyani, Wallace Mbaga and Juma “Chief” Ndambile.

He explained that the club is in final preparations to launch a firm known as BBV Investment Company. He said the firm will sale shares to its members. According to Palapala, the firm’s first project is to build a sports academy that will be tasked to develop young talented athletes in the country.

He said the they are now looking for land that they will build the academy before hiring qualified trainers.

“With our modern ground, we have managed to generate money by leasing it to local and foreign clubs. For instance, Malawi National team (The Flames), Algeria’s Mo Bejaia used our ground for training and paid us, also Simba and Young Africans also rent the ground at a cost. We believe with the sports academy, we will manage to sell players abroad and continue to generate income,” he said.

Advice to Young Africans and Simba Sports Club and other football clubs

Palapala said lack of motivation and recognition for members was the main problem facing Young Africans and Simba Sports Club.

He said some members of the club were not motivated enough to contribute towards the development of their clubs, particularly helping shape up future development plans.

According to Palapala, there is no difference between the members and nonmembers that led very potential people not to contribute for the clubs.

“BBV is made up by members and fans from both Young Africans and Simba SC, but these are willing to contribute to BBV because they are recognised and honoured contrary to what goes on in these two clubs. There are also the so called “Makomandoo’ who are admired and are made to see that they own the club, it is their own.

“For instance in the match between Young Africans and TP Mazembe, which Young Africans leaders decided to be free of charge, the decision was good, but the club leaders had to give the first priority to the members who pay their fees. I believe fans who are nonmembers would apply for membership and hence the club generate more income,” he said.

He said there were club’s potential members who failed to watch the match simply because the no entrance fee attracted so many other people, while those who are members of the club were not given the priority. Such a move hurts the development of the club.

He said there are so many ways that can be used to motivate members, but nothing has been done to make them enjoy being affiliated to those clubs.

Palapala called the two club leaders to start focusing on development and avoid the currently status which depend on gate collection and sponsorship fund.