Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tanzanian army declines information on M23 captive soldier claims

By Fariji Msonsa

Dar es Salaam. The Tanzania People’s Defence Forces has declined the media reports that M23, a Congolese Revolutionary Army, is holding a Tanzanian soldier, Mr Christopher Yohana.

Speaking to The Citizen, TPDF acting spokesman Major Joseph Masanja said the information was baseless and that it was only a rumour spread via social networks.

He said had the information been true, TPDF would have given a statement already.

“Don’t trust everything you see on social networks. It’s important that you rely on information that we give,” insisted Major Masanja.

However, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation permanent secretary John Haule said they were following up on any information in connection with the matter and that so far no reliable data has been received from trusted sources.

He said, they were communicating with the embassy of Tanzania in the Democratic Republic of Congo to clear out things. “We’ve not received any information to prove the matter,” said Mr Haule.

According to social media reports and some local media, M23 said it was holding a Tanzania soldier who was found collaborating with the Rwandan rebels accused of the 1994 genocide.

The information is said to have been first posted on a Ugandan Chimpreports.com (CR) before it spread to other social networks.