Friday, July 21, 2017

Village dispensary overwhelmed by patients

By Anthony Kayanda TheCitizenTz

Kigoma. Myriad of problems, in health and infrastructure shortcomings, have subjected Kagunga village in Kigoma District in serious trouble.

To start with, the village dispensary is overwhelmed by a number of patients due to lack of manpower and equipment.

As if that is not enough, over 20, 000 residents of the village located 70km from Kigoma town along Tanzania and Burundi border, depend on boats as major means of transport as there is no reliable road.

The dispensary’s nurse, Athanas Nyombomba, said that they are attending to between 400 and 500 out-patients daily, the number which is the available two workers at the dispensary can hardly handle.

Ms Nyombomba said this during the inspection of a maternity building being constructed under the financing of Engender Health.

However, she hailed the project noting that it would encourage expectant mothers to give birth at the dispensary.

Besides the shortage of staff, the nurse explained that they were facing a shortage of medical equipment and other working tools, notably in maternity unit.

The Engender Health coordinator for Kigoma Region, Dr Wilfred Mongo, said they had constructed the building in their mission to help the government save lives of the expectant mothers and newborns.

Dr Mongo noted that there were some deaths during child delivery caused by complications which could have been handled easily if there were enough personnel and facilities.

"We are putting up a building worth Sh112 million with equipment valued at Sh16 million with the aim to support the government to attain its goal of improving health services," said Dr Mongo.

He called upon the residents of Kagunga Village to look after equipment and buildings around and sick people to go early to health centres for treatment.