Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dar now keen on darts promotion

By Japheth Kazenga,The Citizen

Mwanza. Dar es Salaam darts fraternity’s promotion of the sport has gathered pace as two of the region’s three districts elected their respective darts officials early this week.

Dar es Salaam Darts Association (Dada) secretary general, Lambert Rwihula, said members of the darts fraternity in Ilala and Temeke districts held elections to bring in new executive committees in their respective districts bodies, while Kinondoni is expected to conduct election on Sunday.

He said officials of the Ilala District darts body include chairman, Gabriel Komba, vice-chairman, Adam Mambosho and secretary, Ali Miti. Others are assistant secretary general, Mwakarobo, treasurer, Hapinness Modaha and her assistant, Elizabeth.

Ilala darts association’s new leadership comprises chairman, Zaib Khan, vice-chairman Suleiman Suleiman, secretary general, Buza Kazungu and his assistant, Bharat Vyas. Other officials are treasurer, Ashok Motichand, and his assistant, Shadrack Msekalile.

Rwihula said the foremost task facing the three districts’ darts bodies’ leaders entails presenting their associations’ constitutions to the registrar of sports associations.

The Dada official also noted that the new officials will, as well, be tasked with reviving all darts clubs in their respective areas, which are inactive. The election of the districts’ darts officials has highlighted determination on the part of Dada to ensure every district plays its part in developing the sport and thereby maintain Dar es Salaam’s dominance in domestic darts.

The decision by Ilala District darts association to retain veteran officials in the likes of Motichand and Vyas, moreover, has proved the body is keen on the sport’s development.