Saturday, December 30, 2017

THE DNA: I am done making New Year resolutions


By Christine Chacha

Just a few days to the end of the year and with it comes the New Year resolutions. I am unlucky because the New Year almost coincides with my birthday – a time where I am forced to self-reflect on my life and strategize for the New Year. Resolutions ca be fun and the New Year is one of the only times of the year that we come up with massive goals – and who doesn’t like dreaming big?

Today I looked at the goals I set out for myself for this year, while they are impressive I must admit that just like the previous year, I did not achieve all. So am wondering what is the point? Why should I set resolutions every year then stare at the face of defeat every December? Remember what Albert Einstein said? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I’m willing to bet that like me, you’ve been setting New Year’s resolutions every year without really achieving them 100%. Infact research has shown that most people break their resolutions within the first 3 months.

Ever wondered how the New Year resolutions came to be? Apparently January is named after Janus, a mythical roman god. Janus had two faces — one looking forward, one looking backward allowing him to see both into the future and back to the past. So on December 31, the Romans imagined Janus looking backward into the old year and forward into the New Year. This became a symbolic time for them to make resolutions for the New Year and forgive enemies for troubles in the past.

The Romans also believed Janus could forgive them for their wrongdoings in the previous year. The Romans would give gifts and make promises, believing Janus would see this and bless them in the year ahead. And thus the New Year’s resolution was born! Quite interesting.

But the reality is that while New Year’s resolutions are well-intentioned, they are ultimately unhelpful. All this New year, New me are absolutely ridiculous because you are the same person you were last year. I have concluded that there’s no point in setting resolutions only to end up feeling disappointed and down every December. So this year, it’s time to make a change. I will not be setting any resolutions goals infact, my goal is to set no goal. This means I enter the New Year with zero pressure to do anything rather I remain open to the possibility of my potential, receptive to change and ready to show compassion for any shortcomings.

While I do believe there is always room for improvement in life, and goal-setting is important, I think there is an easier approach to it. One thing about making resolutions is that it’s an assumption that there is something with you that needs fixing. You look at yourself and say “This year I am going to lose weight” deep down you think you are overweight. So am changing the narrative, instead of changing anything or doing anything new, this New Year I will only be reinforcing. I am going to do more of all the good things that I did in the past year. That way I am not setting myself up for failure rather self-improvement is guaranteed.