Saturday, August 19, 2017

Women should forgive men for poor memory


No matter how many times I have unstrapped my woman’s bra, I still have no inkling what bra colour my woman prefers. Ideally, a man is supposed to know the wife’s shoe size, dress colour and design preferences and keep tabs of her birthday. A “caring” man in the eyes of most should go further take the small details. Realistically however, most men will try so hard in the first year but will give up thereafter.

I, just like most other men stand guilty as accused that I do not know her bra size – there has never been immediacy to the effect. I can also confide to you that the last time I remembered my own birthday was a decade ago - remembering hers is a task I cannot manage. There is no adequate reason for that and she has never complained about it. In many instances that I have had to buy a pair of shoes for her, the results are devastating.

Worse still, I end up buying the wrong stuff. She may accept the presents out of courtesy not to offend my goodwill, but will discard it as soon as I look the other way. This shrugging off of the little things women considered valuable by guys have been cited to as the reasons why many relationships come to a dead end.

My take is that most men’s minds are clogged with many things appertaining to life. While the woman’s mind has the capacity to multitask, a man’s mind is unidirectional (like that of a cow). Not to say that men are always to blame for forgetfulness, though. We’ll admit it—we don’t always remember even the most basic details about ourselves.

Take for instance, I am typing on the computer and my wife is trying to tell me how she spent her day in at work. Most probably, I will be nodding my head in acceptance but if you ask what she said, I most likely will not be able to replicate a quarter of what she said.

Various surveys point that a large percentage of men doesn’t remember their other half’s birthday, while an even larger percentage don’t remember her bra size. An additional percentage has no clue of their significant other’s choice of dress colour. Cell phone numbers top the list of things men forget about their wives or girlfriends, but we can at least understand this one. Who memorizes phone numbers these days? No one! Unfortunately, male memory span as said earlier is short.

But, what about the rest? It is totally unacceptable. Maybe it’s time we had a heart-to-heart with our women to make sure we actually know stuff about her.