Thursday, May 24, 2018

Fix rot in health system

On Tuesday (May 22, 2018), we reported on the rot the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) had exposed in the billing system at Muhimbili National Hospital. According to the CAG report, insurance firms rejected claims totalling Sh1.86 billion from MNH, as being fake bills raised by workers of dubious probity.

Barely before the bad news had sank in, we reported on May 23 that the Health Laboratory Practitioners Council (HLPC) had rejected 71 applications for registration as laboratory practitioners on discovering that the applicants do not have the requisite qualifications supported by bona fide documentation.

In our April 29, 2017 issue, we reported that President Magufuli had “ordered immediate dismissal of more than 9,900 civil servants after a nationwide verification of academic and other credentials uncovered workers with forged certifications…”

The ‘fake qualifications syndrome’ seems to be getting worse – ‘invading’ as it has done the otherwise ‘sacrosanct’ health lab practice when laboratory-dependent diagnostic and other medical services should ideally be foolproof. Indeed, having fake health lab practitioners on the job is a fate worse than death – and efforts must be made to finally lay to rest this countrywide ‘hydra-headed fake qualifications monster.’