Wednesday, February 7, 2018

We must not lose focus as the economy grows

By TheCitizen

The latest economic outlook by the Business Monitor International for sub-Saharan Africa shows that Tanzania’s economy will pick up in the next two years. This is good news. According to the report, the key stimulants will be agriculture, construction and consumer services.

There is no doubt that the fifth phase government has been working around the clock to turn the fortunes of the country around, through better management of the economy. That hard work is paying dividends in many ways.

It is even more encouraging that huge projects such as the ongoing improvements at the Dar es Salaam Port and the standard gauge railway have been cited as some of the key drivers of the envisaged economic boom in the listed sectors.

More so, the report says that the Tanzanian government is set to ride high on agricultural growth. This special mention of agriculture is worth highlighting. The experts note that the vast majority of Tanzanians eke out a living through farming.

Not only that. It is also expected that a robust agricultural sector will be a boon to the retail sector. The two sectors -- both projected to grow exponentially -- are interdependent. With the middle-class vision, a huge market for agricultural produce is most likely. This is why the fifth phase government needs to continue working tirelessly to boost this sector -- one that has always been the mainstay of the country’s economy.

President John Magufuli’s flagship industrialisation drive has come as good news to the country’s farmers, who will have a ready market for their products, for instance.

What is needed going forward is for all stakeholders to continue mobilising financial resources for the continued growth of agriculture through technological advancement and the adoption of best practices.

All in all, the government should continue on the right course, buoyed by the prospects of a brighter future for the country’s economy.

keep flame of unity alive

President John Magufuli and his deputy Samia Hassan Suluhu led a significant number of national leaders from across the political divide in bidding farewell to the fallen veteran politician Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru on Monday.

The Head of State and the Vice President’s presence was a befitting send-off for a man who will be remembered for his role in national governance. More so, it must also have been a captivating moment for many Tanzanians to see the country’s leaders, from both the ruling party CCM and Opposition, so united for a common cause.

By coming together and showing the spirit of oneness, the political leaders have shown that this nation comes first before individuals. It is our hope that beyond such ceremonies, our leaders will continue holding the torch of unity high.

Like in many other countries across the globe, there has risen a number of issues and challenges that we may have different views on over the years, but we must put Tanzania first in all our endeavours. This spirit of togetherness, unity and solidarity among our people needs to be jealously guarded.

The future looks bright for Tanzania. It can be brighter if we continue on the path of unity. As the beacon of peace in the whole of East Africa, we cannot afford to be divided. A united Tanzania will be able to withstand every negative force.