Dar Serena Hotel recycles 4.6t of waste in three months

Friday January 8 2016

Dar Es Salaam Serena Hote

Dar Es Salaam Serena Hote 

By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. Serena Hotel in the city has introduced a full-scale waste recycling facility and in just three months the hotel has recycled 4,602 kilograms of waste.

“And as operations improve, the company should be recycling over 1,100 kilos per month. That is 1,100 kilos that would otherwise go to the landfill,” said Mr Rahim Azad, Serena Hotel general manager.

Mr Azad said the hotel had teamed up with The Recycler -- a waste management and recycling firm based in Dar es Salaam -- in order to reduce their waste to landfill and recycle as much material as possible.

The material collected include white paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, cans and nylon which is sold on to local industries as raw material, he said.

“This project lines up very well with President John Magufuli’s drive to clean up Tanzania. Many private businesses have shown support to his call,” said the Serena Hotel boss.

He said paper is locally processed into toilet paper, cardboard is made into envelopes, glass is made back into glass and plastic is processed locally and exported to the East where it provides raw material for making T-shirts, ropes and other plastic items.