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Sunday February 7 2016

President John Magufuli and Vice President

President John Magufuli and Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan listen to CCM Chairman Jakaya Kikwete during the ruling party’s 39th anniversary in Singida yesterday.  PHOTO | STATE HOUSE 

Dar es Salaam. CCM Chairman Jakaya Kikwete has revealed that there are “mercenaries” within the party hell-bent on frustrating President John Magufuli’s anti-corruption crusade.

Mr Kikwete warned all CCM members planning to sabotage  President Magufuli’s administration to get ready for stern measures. 

“We are aware that there are some members who are mercenaries. Let me warn them that their days are numbered. We cannot allow them to fail our government,” said Mr Kikwete. The former Head of State was speaking during the commemoration of the 39th anniversary of the party at Namfua Stadium in Singida Region.

He added that the mercenaries would be flushed out one after the other.

“I’m sending this message to all of them, that it is a matter of time before we identify and eject them from the party,” he said.

He claimed that there are members who joined CCM to use the party to gain political mileage, which, he said, was against the principles and ideals of the party.

Mr Kikwete urged CCM members to distance themselves  from power-hungry leaders since they would bring no good to the country, in terms of development.

“Stay away from members who get angry and defect from the party simply because they were not nominated, promoted or appointed to a certain position,” said Mr Kikwete.

During the first 100 days of President Magufuli in office, wananchi have witnessed drastic changes within the government operational system including sacking various heads of public institutions so that corruption scandals some were linked with would be investigated.

Earlier in his speech, Dr Magufuli was quoted as saying that some CCM members were being involved in corruption related issues and that when the time comes, his government would not spare them.

Yesterday, Mr Kikwete reiterated that the party was in full support of what President Magufuli was doing, particularly his efforts to clean up the rot within and outside the government.

He said the efforts by the new administration would bring Tanzanians the changes they have been seeking.

“I promised CCM members last year that we were going to bring you a strong, patriotic and hardworking President. Some people were worried about the nomination process, but I assured you that everything was under control. Today we have that President in the name of Magufuli,” said Mr Kikwete.

According to Mr Kikwete, the fifth phase government was on track from the beginning, and that it was now clear that all that the party promised through its election manifesto would be implemented to the letter and even surpassed.

“The CCM manifesto gives directives on addressing corruption, improving infrastructure, education and health services and many other issues of concern to the public,” said Mr Kikwete.

On Zanzibar’s political impasse, the CCM chairman said his party was saddened by the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) decision to annul election results on October 28, 2015 and announcing March 20, 2016 as a date for re-run.

Mr Kikwete claimed that by the time ZEC chairman Jecha Salim Jecha announced the annulment, CCM members and other wananchi were eagerly waiting to start celebrating their victory. He said CCM did not like to go for another election but because ZEC had decided so, the party had no objection.

“It is very expensive to prepare for another election, as a party we were not happy with ZEC’s decision but after consultations with our fellows in the Isles, we realised that there was no option except preparing for the March 20, re-run,” he said.

However, the CCM boss admitted that the just-ended elections had taught the party a great lesson, which would be used as reference to help strengthen the party in future.

Mr Kikwete said the party had come to understand the importance of maintaining unity in carrying out its operations, the need for prioritising the party instead of an individual as well as the need to take the party closer to the people.

Earlier, President Magufuli said all public servants, regardless of their political affiliations, were supposed to implement the ruling party’s manifesto.

He said all regional and district commissioners as well as district executive directors must exercise cost-cutting measures and ensure they use the saved money to buy desks for schools in their areas of jurisdiction.

“We should be ashamed of ourselves, we sit in air-conditioned offices, with new revolving chairs while our children outside there follow their studies while sitting on the floor. I want RCs, DCs and district executive directors to think about this,” he said.

The Head of State asked all CCM members to work hard and make sure wananchi got quality services.

“We must fulfill all promises we made to wananchi during election campaign, let’s make sure no single Tanzanian thinks about the Opposition. We must not give them chance to lead this country by recording a high performance in serving the public,” said Dr Magufuli.

For his part, CCM Secretary General Abdulrahman Kinana reiterated that the party would always support President Magufuli. He said so far the fifth phase government had recorded a high performance in addressing various issues including corruption and ensuring social services to wananchi. Moreover, Mr Kinana said in supporting Dr Magufuli’s costcutting measures, the money earmarked for the party’s celebrations was re-directed into buying 1,000 desks that would be distributed to primary schools in Singida Region.

“After the party’s chairman speech, we are all going to disperse to our respective homes, there will be no lunch, no drink or anything, the money you contributed has been used to buy 1,000 desks for our children,” he said.