Uzini rep urges people to focus on development

Tuesday February 14 2012

By The Citizen Reporter
Zanzibar. The winner of Uzini House of Representatives by-election, Mr Mohammed Raza (CCM), has asked people in the area to put the election campaigns behind them and start working for their development.Speaking after being declared winner on Sunday evening, he said the verdict by Uzini voters should be respected by all.

Mr Raza managed 5,377 votes, equivalent to 91.1 per cent of all votes cast, beating four other contestants. Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) candidate Ali Mbarouk Mashimba came second with 281 votes while Ms Salma Husein Zarali from the Civic United Front (CUF), settled for the third position with 223 votes.

Announcing the results on Sunday evening, the returning officer, Mr Malimu Ally Juma said Mr Khamis Khatibu Vuai of Tadea got 14 votes and Mr Yussuf Rashid Mzenga of AFP managed only eight votes. The results have upset Zanzibar’s political arena as it was the first time for Chadema to participate in a by-election in the Isles. Its candidate collected more votes than those of the candidate from CUF, which is regarded as the strongest opposition party.

Some people have started to predict that given the outcome, Chadema might have started to have an influence on Zanzibar politics.

However, commenting on the development, the CUF deputy secretary general (Zanzibar), Mr Ismail Jussa, said the party was still studying the results and generally analysing the campaigns.He said the party was not upset by the results as the campaigns were marred by sabotage from their ‘enemies’ who did not want to see CUF emerging victorious.

For his part, the Chadema deputy secretary general in Zanzibar, Mr Hamad Mussa Yusuph, said his party was not satisfied with the way the by-election campaigns were conducted.

“We did very good campaigns in Uzini and received ample support from the people. We were looking for victory and not the paltry votes which have been announced,” he said when asked why they refused to recognise the results.
He blamed CCM for capitalising on the people’s poverty to intimidate and threaten voters that they would be sidelined if they elected an opposition party representative.

“But what we have learnt in Uzini is a challenge that we are going to find ways of overcoming. We have learnt a lot and we will not despair. This will give us an experience and motivation to work harder in future,” he added.