Defections won’t weaken CCM

Saturday August 15 2015


Mr Nnauye PHOTOS | FILE 

By Bakari Kiango The Citizen Correspondent

Dar es Salaam. CCM Ideology and Publicity secretary Nape Nnauye has said the defection of its cadres to the opposition does not weaken the party and instead it makes it stronger ahead of the October General Election.

Mr Nnauye said yesterday those who had left the party and those who were planning to leave had personal problems, which had nothing to do with the party’s operational systems.

“The public should understand that almost all opposition leaders came from CCM, therefore what is going on is not new. CCM is stable and nothing can weaken it,” he said.

According to him, the ruling party will proceed with its plans and those who are running to the opposition should expect CCM to do wonders in the October General Election.

“Those who are running to the opposition should wait and see how strong CCM is. They will be surprised on October 25,” he said. He said the defections of Shinyanga regional CCM chairman Khamis Mgeja and former Dar es Salaam regional CCM chairman John Guninita to Chadema was not news to CCM because they expected them to follow the former Prime Minister, Mr Edward Lowassa. “Mr Mgeja waited because his daughter was vying for a special seats post in Shinyanga. Unfortunately she could not make it and Mgeja immediately announced the defection,” he said.