Uganda police boss intervenes in clan land wrangle

Friday January 6 2012

By Andrew Bagala
The Citizen Correspondent
Kampala.The police boss, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, has blocked the arrest and prosecution of three professors, a former minister of women and development and a city advocate, all of one clan, on allegations of fraudulently acquiring land in Maya, Wakiso District.

The ownership of the land located in Busiro on Block 601, Plot 1 at Maya in Wakiso, is under contention between clan members some saying it is clan land while others allege it is family land.  Although the Police Land Fraud (PLF) had preferred three fraud charges against the six officials, Gen. Kayihura said jailing the officers would destabilise the clan members.

“Some people wanted these people arrested but I said the issue should be first dealt with through our community policing strategy,” he said.

Police detectives had preferred charges of concealing a deed contrary to Section 278 of the Penal Code Act, conspiracy to defraud, Section 309 and unlawful alternation of registrar book contrary to Section 190 of the Registration of Title Act against the six officials.

Last year, Mr Assi Bakalaze and Mr Philemon Muwanga, grandsons of the late Yokaana Masembe, a clan leader, lodged a complaint against the six senior citizens to the police.

It is alleged that clan leader Masembe died leaving four miles of land in Busiro and Bulemeezi counties (Now Wakiso and Luweero districts) to his son Cranmer Lutwama in the 1920s.

The son too died in 1950s without transferring the land to his name. Lutwama’s three children pursued the ownership and High Court granted them letters of administration over the land in 2003 but failed to trace the duplicate of the titles. Two of them died later.