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2015 elections: CCM loses key local authorities to opposition

Sunday November 1 2015

Head of Commonwealth Observers Former Nigerian

Head of Commonwealth Observers Former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan (second right) joins ambassadors and members of diplomatic corp during a function to hand over the electoral certificate  to president -elect John Magufuli in Dar es Salaam on Friday.PHOTO/EMMANUEL HERMAN 

By Athuman Mtulya

Dar es Salaam. While Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) has continued to control the central government, the ruling party has lost its power in local authorities, including the key economic city and town councils in the country.

The opposition coalition Ukawa won six seats in the key commercial and port city, Dar es Salaam, Chadema taking four parliamentary seats and CUF gaining victory in two constituencies.

The ruling CCM took the remaining three in a city which until the 2010 elections counted among of its strongholds. Elections in one constituency were called off and will be held at a later date.

In Arusha, which is the country’s hub in the northern tourism circuit, CCM is officially an opposition outfit. Arusha City Council is made up of 25 wards and Chadema has scooped 24 wards leaving CCM with only one. In Mbeya City, which is the economic backbone of the southern highland regions, the ruling party CCM will also be forming an opposition in the council.

Out of the 36 wards forming the city, Chadema took 26, CCM nine while election was postponed in one ward.

North of Mbeya lays Iringa Town, in which Chadema is also the majority in its municipal council. Out of the 18 wards forming the Iringa Municipal Council, 14 are firmly in Chadema’s hands while CCM ended up with only four.

In the southern part of the country -- the gas booming town of Mtwara -- CUF has scooped eight wards while CCM took seven.

The ruling party, however, has had a win in some key towns as well. The party has managed to take back two constituencies forming part of the largest economy of lake zone regions, Mwanza City. They are, Ilemela and Nyamagana. For the last five years these were under the control of Chadema.

In Nyamagana constituency, which is made up of 18 wards, CCM took 14 wards while Chadema saw victory in the remaining four.

CCM also registered a landslide victory in Mororgoro Municipal Council winning in 26 wards out of 29, and also in the capital, Dodoma, where they took 34 wards out of 40.

ACT-Wazalendo, which participated in the General Election for the first time, dominated in the Kigoma-Ujiji Municipal Council in Kigoma Region by winning in 12 out of 18 contested wards.

The party also won its first ever and sole Member of Parliament from the area, Mr Zitto Kabwe.