Amson group to build women wards in Tememeke and Mwananyamala

Sunday February 18 2018

By The Citizen Reporter @TheCitizenTz

Amson Group of Companies has promised to build two more modern women’s wards at Mwananyamala and Temeke Hospital as a move to complement government efforts in social development especially in healthy sector.

This was said by Amsons Group Director, Edha Nahdi, after official launching of new modern women’s ward that was built at Amana Hospital by Amsons Group for 1.2 bilion Tsh.

He said after the completion of the ward at Amana hospital their focus is to build another ward of the same nature at Mwananyamala and Temeke Hospital to help expectant mothers deliver in health situation.

He said Amsons Group decided to build new modern ward to three regional hospitals in Dar es Salaam as a cooperate social responsibility of his companies to support government efforts and President John Magufuli move to bring positive changes in the country.

“Amsons Group, through its companies Camel Oil, Camel Cement, Camel Flour, Camel Concrete, CAM Gas and others would like to support government efforts in healthy sector especially focusing on expectant mothers who pass through hardship during delivery time,” he said

He explained that on December 2015, when they were doing regular cleaning at Amana Hospital they were shocked by the situation of expectant mothers  ward at the hospital  and from there they took interest to build the new one.

“There is a study done between 2015/16 that show that  556 expectant mothers die out of 100,000 and one of the reason was lack of good healthy care for them and lack of healthy facilities, so we decided to intervene and here we are today to launch this new facility, we feel very proud to help fellow Tanzanians ” he said

He said society must be in a fore front to help women deliver in a good situation by bringing together their efforts to build such a good modern ward all over the country and make expectant mothers to deliver in confortable situation.

“We need expectant mothers to be happy during delivering time  so such new modern ward must be available in many hospitals all over the country, we stake holders from private sector must work hand in hand with government to make sure this dream come true….we must ensure that expectant mothers are happy and comfortable during their time to deliver ,” he said

Expectant mothers and others with their new born who were found in the ward told this paper how thankful they are to the government efforts and Amsons Group for the new facility that make them comfortable compared to the past situation.