Ban on Bunge live coverage not big deal to Dr Slaa

Tuesday February 6 2018


By Deogratius Kamagi @Deogratiuskamagi

Dar es Salaam. The former opposition icon, Dr Wilbrod Slaa is in support of the government’s ban on live coverage of parliamentary proceedings.

Speaking during Clouds TV’s 360 morning talk show, Dr Slaa said he wasn’t surprised with the new development as the same was suggested by a Parliamentary Committee that was chaired by the current Speaker of the Parliament, Job Ndugai during the days that he was still a legislator.

“I was in a member of that committee. It was chaired by Mr Ndugai and we highlighted the specific issues and areas to be covered live,” he emphasized.

“For me, what the public needs to see is the question and answer sessions and major resolutions to be made,” he added.

The government position over a ban on live coverage of Parliamentary proceedings was announced in the House for the first time by the then minister of Information, Culture, Artistes and Sports Mr Nape Nnauye on January 27.

Mr Nnauye said the cost for live broadcast of Parliamentary proceedings by TBC was too much for the state broadcaster to foot.