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Council rejects Duwasa water rates proposal

Friday March 15 2019

By Sharon Sauwa @TheCitizenTZ

Dodoma. Water stakeholders are up in arms against the Dodoma Urban Water and Sanitation Authority (Duwasa) over proposal to hike prices of its services.

 The stakeholders are of the view that the changes in the payment plan will have an adverse impact on their customers.

They raised their voices at a meeting, which was organised by the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) in Dodoma yesterday.

The meeting was meant to receive opinions from the Dodoma residents on how best Duwasa can provide its services for the fast-growing city, which is the country’s capital.

Duwasa director David Pallangyo said the new rates were meant to scrap the Sh3,000 payment, which the customers had to pay every month.

“This fee was charged indiscriminately. Everyone had to pay it even when they did not use our services,” the director said.

“The new rates will help our customers pay according to their actual use of our services. This will also help cut the huge amount of money they incur from buying the precious liquid from private investors by 48.6 per cent.”

Nonetheless, the Ewura consumer consultative council rejected the proposal tabled by Duwasa, saying scraping the Sh3,000 levy will deny the regulatory body some Sh1.3 billion annually.

“The reason for scrapping the Sh3,000 fee is weak because it will deny the body a huge amount of money, so the council does see the rationale for changing the current setup,” the council said.