Doctor demoted after CCM cadres visit health centre

Tuesday April 23 2019

By The Citizen Reporters @TheCitizenTZ

Arusha.The doctor-in-charge of Ngarenaro Health Centre in Arusha Region, Japhet Kivuyo, has been dramatically stripped of his position after ruling party CCM cadres did not find him at work when theyvisited the centre on April 19.

In a video footage that went viral on social media since Sunday, April 21, a person who identified himself as CCM leader of Publicity[in Arusha]is seen at a health facility making a phone call to the doctor.

In a brief phone conversation, the CCM cadre tells the medic to report immediately to the facility to treat patients, but it turned out that the medic would notmanage to report at the office.

The medic told the CCM cadre that he was not on duty and that it was impossible for him to report at the centre at that time.

The video footage has sparked angry reaction among the medical fraternity on social mediawith the President of the Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT), Dr Elisha Osati,saying the medics’ body would do a follow up on the matter and act accordingly.

“We’ve seen the video and so far we know the incident took place at Revolos in Arusha. We, as MAT, will find out and act accordingly,’’ said Dr Osati.


However, before details of MAT’s follow-up could emerge, the Arusha City Director, Dr Maulid Madeni, on Tuesday, April 23, announced that the medic in charge of the Ngarenaro Health Centre, Dr Japhet Kivuyo has been stripped of his position.

Dr Mdeni claimed that the medic used “inappropriate language” against members of the CCM political Committee for Revolos Ward who arrived at the facility at around 3:00 pm on Friday April 19, led by Mr Abubakar Hamis Nyangu.

The City Director said that Dr Kivuyo had left the health facility at around 3:00pm and went to the farm.

“When he[Kivuyo] was asked to return to work by the CCM committee members, he was supposed to respond in a language that befits a leader. But, he didn’t do so and he didn’t return to the health centre as asked either.”

For his part, Dr Kivuyo said he has so far been informed that he is no longer in charge of Ngarenaro Health Centre, but as he said, he was not ready to get embroiled in a dispute.

“I am already 60. I leave all this to God. I don’t see any reason to engage in any dispute with anyone,’’ he said.

When contacted for comment, the Medical Officer in Charge of Mount Meru Regional Hospital, Dr Omar Chande said the matter was still being investigated.

“We, as doctors, have well-laid out procedures for dealing with matters like this one. When investigations are completed, we will issue out a statement,’’ he said.

Ngarenaro Health Centre is known for providing services in Reproductive in some wards of Arusha.

A Health Advocacy NGO Sikika has tweeted through its official page @sikika1, suggesting that  matters to do with health professionals must be handled according to Standard Operating Procedures which were set by the government—and not by decrees from politicians.

Additional repowering by Mussa Juma.