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Recess: #Katiba House to break just before #Muungano Day [VIDEO]

Tuesday April 15 2014

By The Citizen Reporter

Dodoma. After 9 weeks of soporific debate over every tedious thing, Katiba envoys are now due for a much-needed break, ostensibly before April 26.

Constituent Assembly chair Samuel Sitta says the plan is to officially suspend the special Katiba House on April 25; a few hours before Tanzanians the world over turn out to mark a half a century of the 1964 Tanganyika-Zanzibar Union.

“As we get closer to Union Day,” said Sitta, “[the 25th] will be the last day we meet during this initial [CA] sitting, till [we come] back in August.”

50 years in an often-knotty Union is no small achievement.

Still, Tanzanians will have to wait a few more days to break out their semi-centennial firecrackers, since between now and April 26, shouting matches between proponents of a two-tier Union and supporters of a three-government Federal form are expected to continue in Dodoma.

Today was no exception.

Arguments and counterarguments over the nature and future of the Union dominated CA debate Tuesday morning.

The bulk of 'Majority' representatives were overwhelmingly for the Union as is now – with two governments and two presidents – while those who consider themselves the Minority, primarily from local opposition parties, expressed strong support for a three-government Federal structure.

So WHO supports WHAT Union format? Watch VIDEO for details.