Food vendors blamed for Mwanza's litter crisis

Tuesday February 2 2016

Food vendors in Mwanza.

Food vendors in Mwanza. 

By Geofrey Kimani @thecitizenkim1

Mwanza. The Chairman of the Union of Transporters in Mwanza City, Mr Hussein Kavinga has blamed  food vendors for littering Nyegezi Bus Terminal.

Mr Kavinga told this paper that most food vendors at the bus terminal recklessly disposed of food leftovers and other solid wastes. As a result, he said garbage had piled up at the parking yard, attracting flies and foul smell and exposing members of the public to health risks. He said most of the food vendors were irresponsible simply bucause they claimed to pay cleaners.

“Cleanliness should be a joint operation involving all stakeholders at the bus terminal, including those generating the wastes and others collecting them,” he said. Mr Kavinga added that bus operators were also partly to blame for littering the bus terminal, as they also littered the parking lot by garbage from their vehicles. 

The chairperson of the food vendors, Ms Anifa Ali, concurred with Mr Kavinga, saying most food vendors never disposed of the garbage they generated in the dust bins.

“We’ll take legal action, including demanding penalties from them,” she said.