Herbalists served notice over machines

Tuesday December 29 2015

Minister for Health, Community Development,

Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Children and the Elderly Ummy Mwalimu speaks at a press conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday.On the right is Dr Rufaro Chatora, the World Health Organisation Representative in Tanzania. PHOTO|OMAR FUNGO 

By Syriacus Buguzi

Dar es Salaam. The government yesterday put on the spotlight herbalists who own suspect diagnostic machines—the Quantum Magnetic Analysers—which were exposed by The Citizen on Sunday as the healers’ tricky way of earning money from patients.

Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Children and the Elderly, Ms Ummy Mwalimu, referred to the machines as among examples of the diagnostic tools—whose operating licences must be submitted to the authorities before the end of the 14-day ultimatum issued to the herbalists last week.

Ms Mwalimu warned all herbalists across the country not to defy the directive issued by the government.

She asked them to submit their registration documents and the licences for operating diagnostic machines as requested by the ministry last Friday.

Herbalists had until yesterday rejected the government’s order at a meeting held in Dar es Salaam on Sunday.

They are expected to come up with the way forward on the matter.

The Health minister’s remarks come just a day after The Citizen on Sunday revealed that thousands of unsuspecting patients were falling prey to the tricks played by those who operate the supposed machines.

The machines are said to be capable of scanning the entire body and detailing in minutes the condition of the whole body system.

“Some of the machines have already been exposed by the newspapers,’’ said Ms Mwalimu at a press conference in Dar es slaam yesterday, referring to the Quantum Magnetic Analysers, which are mainly imported from China and Korea.

The minister asked herbalists who are complaining or those with questions over the government’s directive to report them to the ministry of Health before the expiry of the ultimatum and before the government starts taking action on unregistered herbalists.