Increase investments, Pemba residents urge govt

Saturday January 12 2019

By Muhammed Khamis @TheCitizenTZ

Pemba. Pemba residents have urged the government to widen investment opportunities.

They were speaking to The Citizen on Saturday, January 12, 2019, during the climaxing of celebrations the Zanzibar Revolution in Pemba.

Mr Abdallah Khamis said the numbers of guests had increased since the start of the celebrations. The situation has improved businesses and enabled residents to earn money.

Mr Haroub Seif, a resident of Machomabe, said people have flocked in Chake-Chake filling all guesthouses.

 “Customers pay up to Sh50,000 per room per day.”

Ms Mwajuma Sheha said that should send a message to public and private sectors that they should increase investments in the hospitality industry.


“Since guesthouses are scarce some guests have been sleeping in classrooms,” she said.

She suggested that more hotels be built.