Institute conducts research on how to prepare Tanzanians for industrialisation

Friday November 24 2017

By Gadiosa Lamtey and Josephine Christopher @ThecitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. The Institute of Social Work (ISW) said on November 24, 2017 it was conducting research on how to prepare Tanzanians psychologically for industrialisation, especially those in special groups so that they could fully participate.

Social workers believe during transformation, some of the people will fail to cope with the process and remain behind complaining and feeling that they been excluded due to their conditions.

“The main focus of this study is to get feedback on what social work can contribute to the industrial economy. We believe that for a person to make production he/she needs a peace of mind in various aspects,” head of Social Work Department William Manyama said during a convocation.

Entitled “Social Work and Industrialisation Process in Tanzania”, the research is expected to be publish next year.

Mr Manyama said it was impossible to separate social work from industrial work because in order for industries to produce more quality products they must invest in workers, who had peace of mind.

He noted that industrialisation could be achieved by ensuring that marginalised special groups also participated so that they would not be a burden on the government and the role of social work was to provide education to them.

Earlier ISW rector, Dr Abu Mvungi, said the first market in industrialisation were people.

He said generally most Tanzanians were poor so to achieve the industrial economy goal, the people must be empowered to utilise available opportunities.

He also said people should cultivate a positive attitude. “There are people living in rural areas, who have skills, but they exclude themselves. So, we want to talk to them so that they can utilise opportunities offered by industries,” he noted.