JPM: Salaries of top public officials set to be slashed

Wednesday March 30 2016


By Ben Patrick

Chato. President John Magufuli yesterday said that no executive in public institution and corporation should receive a salary exceeding Sh15 million starting next financial year.

Addressing the nation from Chato’s Mazaina grounds yesterday, the President said it was a shame for a poor country like to Tanzania to have people in public institutions pocketing up to Sh40 million while those in junior positions received a mere Sh300, 000 per month.

Making his first public address made from his home town since he was elected the President last October, Dr Magufuli revealed that he had set up a special team working to ensure there was equal distribution of the national cake starting from the public savant’s salaries. “We’re going to chop salaries of those who are paid highly and increase the rates paid to those in junior positions,” said the President.

He said a special review had revealed that chief executive officers of several government institutions along with members of boards of directors decided to hike their salaries and allowances to unacceptable rates.

“We have a little of  people in this country who live as if they are angels residing in heaven, while the majority languished as if they were in hell. My government will not tolerate this situation. I urge those who feel they aren’t ready to take home less than Sh15 million per  month to start looking for alternative jobs elsewhere,” he stressed.

The President promised better days for the workers as he pledged to lower the “pay-as-you -earn’ tax (Paye) from the current figure to the single digit of 9 per cent or lower in the next financial year. “Wherever one goes in the country, one would hear the cry of workers over Paye. We must address this matter. It’s true we want to collect tax, but we must also understand what the working class takes home,” he said.


Meanwhile, the President wondered why the ghost workers problem continued for years.

He was referring to the order he gave to the newly appointed regional commissioners, saying that new findings show that there were over 1,680 ghost workers whose wage bill totalled Sh1.7 billion across the country every month. “Within TRA, we found one person who was being paid 17 salaries. Upon being questioned he failed to give reasonable answers. We’ll sue him,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Magufuli promised cotton and coffee growers a better future saying the taxes they were paying, including warehouse levy, would be lowered.

Dr Magufuli is scheduled to remain at his Rubambagwe Village in Chato District, Geita Region for a six-day long vacation.

Earlier, upon his arrival at Mwanza Airport,  President Magufuli reassured residents of Mwanza and Kagera regions that his government would purchase a new ship to ply between the two.

“I’ll fulfil the promises I made during election campaign. In next financial year, we’ll buy the vessel. I won’t let you down,” he said