#Katiba reps admonished over bigotry, told to tone down vitriol [VIDEO] - The Citizen

#Katiba reps admonished over bigotry, told to tone down vitriol [VIDEO]

Wednesday April 16 2014

By The Citizen Reporter

Dodoma. Bigotry was the Word of the Day at the Katiba House today as two influential members asked envoys to tone down "vile, divisive" vitriol.

Delegates need to watch what they say, said Kigoma North legislator Zitto Kabwe, because their “threatening, hateful words,” could tear Tanzania apart.

There are fears that foul, “bigoted” outbursts by Katiba envoys are further polarizing a nation already split over the thorny issue of the Tanganyika-Zanzibar Union.

“We cannot build our nation this way,” said Kabwe.

Gando legislator Khalifa Suleiman Khalifa was particularly upset by claims that Pembans “weren’t related” to Tanzanian Mainlanders. 

“These [comments] – this is blatant bigotry,” he said, “yet you lot are actually applauding this level of stupidity.”

Both representatives agree CA members will ultimately have to overcome their differences and reach some sort of consensus.

“State your case, make your arguments,” said Kabwe, “then together, we’ll make a decision.”

Nonetheless, harsh debate over the Union dominated CA debate Wednesday, despite Kabwe’s warnings.

Singida East legislator Tundu Lissu, for starters, claimed the document that purports to be Articles of the Union is a forgery, and that it has no legal merit.

Then scores of CA members stormed out of Parliament House during the evening session after CUF stalwart Ibrahim Lipumba suggested there wasn’t a need for protracted debate over issues that could be resolved “today.”

Watch VIDEO for additional detail.