Kikwete: Z’bar will shake without CCM

Monday September 14 2015

CCM’s Zanzibar presidential candidate, Dr Ali

CCM’s Zanzibar presidential candidate, Dr Ali Mohammed Shein (right), and the party’s national chairman, President Jakaya Kikwete, hold aloft copies of the CCM Manifesto during the launch of the party’s campaigns in Zanzibar yesterday. PHOTO | ANTHONY SIAME 

By Bernard Lugongo

Dar es Salaam. President Jakaya Kikwete yesterday said Zanzibar will not be stable should the people vote out Chama Cha Mapinduzi in the coming General Election.

Campaigning for the re-election of Dr Ali Mohammed Shein for another five-year term, President Kikwete, who is also the CCM chairman, said the incumbent party has led the Isle well over the years and deserved another go at the presidency. He told voters not to elect the Opposition, claiming they were responsible for insecurity and held back development in Zanzibar.

“Who were responsible when Zanzibar lost its peace? Don’t give them the opportunity to lead the country because if you vote them in you will not enjoy peace and stability,” he said at a meeting attended by all CCM top guns, including retired presidents.

“Confine them to the second place always,” Mr Kikwete appealed to the voters while admitting, however, that this year’s election competition was stiff, requiring that CCM carry out a door to door campaign.

The rally to officially launch Dr Shein’s campaign for re-election was held in Unguja at the Kibanda Maiti grounds.

Following the 2000 elections, more than 30 Zanzibaris were shot dead and a further 600 injured when the Tanzanian army and police opened fire on a crowd of opposition CUF supporters who were protesting against the results of the ballot.

In the days following a crackdown on the Opposition, an estimated 2,000 Zanzibaris fled to neighbouring Kenya.

Yesterday Mr Kikwete said it was the CCM government that managed to bring the peace to the Isles. “Our country is calm, Zanzibar is also calm,” he said, declaring that there was no reason why their party should not win this year’s polls.

He criticised CUF presidential candidate in Zanzibar, Mr Seif Sharif Hamad, for dismissing development reached during the past five years.

Mr Hamad, who is outgoing First Vice President of Zanzibar, is the main political rival of Dr Shein in the October elections.

Dr Magufuli was last week heavily criticised by civil society groups for the remarks which they equated to a threat to voters not to exercise their free will to elect the leaders that they wanted.

When he spoke, Dr Shein highlighted his three key areas that he will work on if elected as President for the Isles for next five years after October 25.

Dr Shein, who started speaking to the gathering from around 5.30pm, said if he retains his position as President for the next five years, he would protect and respect legacy of Revolution of Zanzibar.

“Revolution is our shield, it was the Revolution that brought us to where we are now,” he said.