Lipumba resigns as CUF chairman

Thursday August 6 2015

Prof. Ibrahimu Lipumba

Prof. Ibrahimu Lipumba 

By Louis Kolumbia

The Civic United Front (CUF) national chairman Prof Ibrahim Lipumba has stepped down from the position in a move that has left many questions than answers

Prof Lipumba announced in Dar es Salaam at a press conference that he was leaving the chairmanship to become an ordinary CUF member and also find time to engage in his profession as an economist.

He said he was quitting the party’s leadership over its role in the opposition coalition popularly known as Ukawa. Prof Lipumba claimed the coalition has reneged on an agreement on receiving those defecting from CCM.

He announced his drastic decision at a Dar es Salaam hotel and in company of two other individuals. No official from CUF was present.  

The move ended speculations since last weekend that the CUF chairman had ditched the party. It is a move that will shock CUF members who had invaded the party headquarters on Wednesday to demand Prof Lipumba clarify on the reports about his quitting that were first reported in the CCM owned newspaper, Uhuru.

Yesterday Prof Lipumba said he differed with Ukawa’s decision to welcome people from the ruling party and secure opportunities to vie for leadership in the upcoming elections.

He said most people defecting from CCM were the ones who opposed the draft constitution tabled at the Constituent Assembly by the Warioba led Constitution Review Commission, and which led to the formation of the opposition coalition.

“People who cross the line today and get opportunities to contest for top government posts are those who advocated for the Proposed Constitution which we (Ukawa) agreed to oppose.

But Prof Lipumba’s stance would come as a big puzzle because a few days ago he was among Ukawa leaders in the forefront to clear the way for the decamping from CCM to the opposition of former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa.