Little-known person joins race for Ikulu

Sunday June 7 2015

High Court Advocate Godwin Mwapongo and Deputy

High Court Advocate Godwin Mwapongo and Deputy minister for Finance, Mwigulu Nchemba (right) display briefcases containing CCM’s nomination forms at the party’s headquarters in Dodoma yesterday. PHOTOS|EDWIN MJWAHUZI 

By Alawi Masare

Dodoma. Little-known CCM member Godwin Mwapongo collected his nomination forms yesterday, joining the race for Ikulu that has attracted 15 cadres so far.

Mr Mwapongo, who is the High Court advocate, was the second to pick up the forms after the deputy Finance minister, Mr Mwigulu Nchemba.

Unlike Mr Nchemba who walked from the Bunge area to the CCM headquarters alongside a crowd of supporters, Mr Mwapongo arrived silently and it was difficult to notice his presence.

Mr Mwapongo, 43, who was accompanied by his wife, said he would give details in a news conference on Monday in Dar es Salaam.

“I expect to declare my intention officially on Monday by talking deeply to the media. I did not do that before collecting the nomination forms, like my fellow presidential aspirants are doing, because I believed that some people would discourage me from picking up the forms for being a little known member of CCM,” he said.

He also thanked previous and current leaders especially those from the ruling party for creating an environment that enabled even common members to vie for presidency.

Nchemba steals the show

Mr Nchemba was accompanied by his wife and a crowd of men and women who cheered and sang songs on the way.

Witnesses reported that Mr Nchemba’s crowd was the second biggest after that of former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa.

In the hall, several members of Parliament attended including Mary Chatanda (Special Seats-CCM), Martha Mlata (Special Seats-CCM) and Modestus Kilufi (Mbarali-CCM).

Mrs Margareth Sitta whose husband collected the forms for presidential nomination on Friday, also attended Mr Nchemba’s event.

When she was asked if she supported Mr Nchemba, Mrs Sitta said; “I need to hear what other presidential aspirants are saying as well. If I had time, I would have witnessed and listen to all aspirants who have collected forms.”

Mr Nchemba insisted that if he is elected, his government would take the country to a middle-income level, ensure Tanzania becomes self-reliant and empower citizens to own the economy.

He also said that he would have zero tolerance on corruption, make sure free education becomes a reality and improve revenue collections.

He also promised to stop unnecessary spending.

Mr Nchemba who declared to own one house in Dar es Salaam, building one in his home village, built one for his parents, said he does not even know how to drive a car.

He said his bank account had about Sh5 million only and announced his M-Pesa registered mobile phone number for his supporters to donate for his journey to the State House.

Today, Natural Resources and Tourism minister Lazaro Nyalandu and Mr Peter Nyalali are expected to collect their forms.