Opposition against working with new govt

Friday November 6 2015

 Chadema Lawyer, Mr Tundu Lissu

 Chadema Lawyer, Mr Tundu Lissu 

Dar es Salaam. The opposition coalition Ukawa yesterday said they will not cooperate with the fifth government until it gets answers to the answers raised during and after the elections. 

Chadema Lawyer, Mr Tundu Lissu told The Citizen in a telephone interview that President Magufuli’s call for the opposition’s cooperation and support won’t get positive response because problems which arose during the election have not been rectified. 

He said the government must come legally answer how a President of the United Republic of Tanzania could be sworn in without being voted for by the people of Zanzibar.

“It's very confusing, how we can cooperate with Dr Magufuli’s government, which is set to operate without having MPs from Zanzibar, there are still many issues to be resolved,” he said.

Mr Lissu who doubles as Singida East MP (Chadema) said  Ukawa was still in puzzle about what is going to happen to Zanzibar based on Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) decision to cancel October 25, election results.

Moreover, Chama Cha Umma (Chaumma) Presidential candidate, Mr Hashimu Rungwe said his party will be ready to cooperate with the government only if the President invites the opposition for the purpose of listening to their ideas and strategies that could help the nation to prosper.


“I heard the Head of State on Thursday during his inauguration, he called for support from the opposition, I think it is a good idea but he must invite us for a talk, that one will show his seriousness on the matter,” said Mr Rungwe.