PM: We’re determined to deal with tax evaders

Monday November 30 2015

Prime Minister Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa.

Prime Minister Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa. 

By Bakari Kiango

Dar es Salaam. Prime Minister Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa said yesterday the government will increse speed in identifying and taking action against individuals who evade paying tax.

Mr Majaliwa reiterated the government’s determination at the 20th anniversary of the Coastal Diocese of the African Inland Church Tanzania (AINCT).

He said the aim of increasing speed against such people was due to a loss in the government’s revenue as what was collected should be spent on the basic needs of all Tanzanians and not for a few people

“Some people believed that we were unable to do it, I would like to tell them that they should do away with that notion as we will deal with tax evaders.

“Some had the mentality that this administration is led by gentlemen, no we will play with them to the last minute. My fellow Tanzanians I call upon you to give us support in this war and pray for the fifth phase government,” said Mr Majaliwa.

The statement comes a few days after the prime minister visited the Dar es Salaam port, where he suspended five officials of the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), because of corruption and negligence claims.


Yesterday, Mr Majaliwa said prayers from Tanzanians would help leaders of the fifth phase government and people alike to realise the importance of their development and support for their government to realise and uncover the ongoing wrongdoings and take action against all those who were not diligent.

Speaking over the issue of the economy, Mr Majaliwa urged religious institutions to continue improving the lives of believers and Tanzanians in general including empowering them economically to form various groups of production.

He said once individual believers or groups are empowered economically, a church will also get strength economically and so will be the government for the development of the nation.

“As God blesses you, you should see the importance of strengthening this area of the economy for your believers,” said Mr Majaliwa.