Parliamentary committee commends the integrated land management information system

Sunday May 20 2018

The committee chairman Mr Nape Nnauye

The committee chairman Mr Nape Nnauye 

By The Citizen Reporter @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. The Parliamentary Committee on Lands, Natural Resources and Tourism has commended the Integrated Land Management Information system (ILMIS) for its efforts to guarantee land tenure security.

The committee chairman Mr Nape Nnauye said in the city over the weekend that problems related to land shall automatically be eradicated by the system currently under establishment.

"This country has had problems related to land title deeds tenure especially in Dar es Salaam region where some genuine land owners have lost their pieces of land, simply because their papers were tempered with. Under the ILMIS master plan, such hooliganism can no longer be practiced," said Mr Nnauye.

He hailed the Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Human Settlements Development together with IGN Fi Company for implementing a pilot initiative which designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned ILMIS to undertake the project.

At the event, minister of Lands, Housing and Settlement Development Mr William Lukuvi said the initiative shall contribute to the land tenure security, improve reliability of land transactions by establishing an efficient and reliable information system that shall provide affordable and secure land administration services for the customers.

"The system shall improve public confidence in the land administration services and shall also integrate land administration fully, land registration and surveying, and will also support the process of transforming land records and maps into digital formats" said Mr Lukuvi.


He added that a genuine land title is needed by Tanzanians to enable them secure ownership of land to avoid land disputes, sell, buy, lease, gift or transfer land on need.

According to him, a genuine land title can also be provided as security for loans from banks or micro finance institutions, and can also be used to avoid land disputes and conflicts among individuals, families and communities.

A committee member Mr Joshua Nasari was contented to learn that the project is being implemented in Ubungo and Kinondoni districts in Dar es Salaam region, where the two areas are notoriously involved in land title deeds tenure.

"We expect our people to spend less time to check, update and transfer their title deeds and we are happy that ILMIS prevents encroachment on wetlands, forests, road services and other public owned pieces of land" said Mr Nassari.

Another member of the committee Mrs Magdalena Sakaya said she was impressed by the ILMIS system to improve stewardship of land and natural resources, reduce corruption associated with checks, registration of titles and also improving public confidence in the land administration system.