Residents unfazed by floods

Wednesday April 24 2019

By John Namkwahe @johnteck3

Dar es Salaam. The weather forecast by Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) may have sent shivers down the spines of policy makers and some Tanzanians in the middle class stratum, but for those who reside in flood prone areas, it is business as usual.

find no reason of embarking on preventive measures or at least thinking of leaving their areas because for them, such occurrences are normal. Instead, they want the government to improve infrastructure, which curb flooding. “Life is difficult here, but there is no other place I can go at the moment.

Establishing a new settlement is expensive,” Mr Juma Ally,50, a resident of Jangwani area in Dar es Salaam told The Citizen yesterday.

He said he has so far lived in the area for over 30 years and that flooding was not a cause for concern because it occurs annually.
Mr Dickson Chimwaga alias “Madikodiko”, 37, a resident of Kigogo area bordering River Msimbazi, which is among the notorious areas for floods, said: “I have been living here for over 11 years. I am forced to live here because the house rent is cheaper than in other places.”
A Kinondoni Mkwajuni, Mama Ibra, said: “I am not aware of the report, but floods are normal in this area.