School faces acute shortage of teachers

Thursday January 10 2019

By BurhaniYakub @TheCitizenTZ

Pangani. It has emerged that KilimangwidoPrimary School inBweniWard, Pangani District, has only two teachers who are forced to teach pupils from Pre-class to Standard Seven.

In addition to this challenge, the dilapidated school buildings also posea danger to teachers and pupilsas they could collapse any time, it has been learnt.

Parents, who went to enroll their children in Standard One at the school, told The Citizen that they were now worried that the old classrooms could fall on the youngsters.

“It is only because other schools are located far away from here, otherwise I would not have enrolled my child in this school.

“I’m worried about the old school buildings as some are supported by feeble pieces of woodto prevent them fromfalling.  This is very dangerous to our children,” saidSubira Hassan, a parent.

A team from The Citizen could see some pupils entering and going out of classes through cracked classroom walls as they awaited their teachers.

The head of the school, whose name could not immediately be obtained, said despite the shortage of teachers, the two available ones shouldered the extra job of teaching the pupils.

He said during the 2018 Standard Seven national exams, 15 pupils were selected to join Form One out of 21, who sat the examinations.

In 2016,he said 10 pupils out of 15 - equivalent to 67 percent of pupils who sat the exams - were selected to join Form One.

The head teacher added that until December, 2018,the school had 170 pupils from Standards One to Six, saying the exact number would be known after registration of those joining Standard One and Pre-class.

The acting director of Pangani District Council,MrDaudMlahagwa, explained that in countering the problem ofdilapidation of school buildings, the government had already built three classrooms in another area of the school in which pupils would be shifted.

Besides building new classrooms through government funding, the acting director revealed that the district’s education officer had already drafted a letter to education stakeholders,seeking financing to hasten construction of more classrooms.

On the issue of the shortage of teachers, Mlahagwa said as the district awaited the government to employ new teachers,his office was planning to transfer them toKilimangwido Primary School.